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Dra. Frances I Romero

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Cuidado de la salud para usted

Direct Primary Care offers a personalized relationship between patients and their primary care physician, with both in-person and virtual care options. It also provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees, so patients know exactly what they are paying for.

Cuidado de la salud para sus empleados

Small businesses are getting creative trying to provide affordable healthcare to their employees while competing with large corporate companies. At ShineDPC we have developed a program with this in mind. For a very affordable monthly fee you can provide Primary Care visits for your employees. HSA accounts can be used to cover membership fees and your employees can get back to the office feeling much better! Wellness visits are included and employees will get the peace of mind that there will not be any surprise bills!

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We were at a direct primary care practice in Colorado. When we told out doctor we were moving, he researched the area, called around, and found Shine DPC. He had all of our charts sent over to Dr. Romero and had our initial appointment set up for us when we arrived. Dr. Romero is superb. We loved our doctor in Colorado so we were a little nervous to start over. You truly feel like you matter with her. There is ample time to go over anything and everything you need to give her a clear picture of who you are, what you've been through medically and emotionally, what your goals are and what she can offer you. This relationship means you get the care you need from a doctor who's goals are in line with yours, not what the insurance company tells her is covered. Not only is Dr. Romero is extremely knowledgeable but she is willing to investigate treatment options you may have heard about and give you feedback on it. She truly wants to provide the best care possible and she does. For years my husband and I have suffered with painful muscle spasms stemming from an auto accident. She suggested an easy treatment that was part of our monthly package and just like that, the pain melted away. Dozens of "specialists" have seen us an thrown drugs at it and not one suggested this treatment. For the first time in 5 years, we aren't in pain. She is amazing and we are so blessed to have her. We carry major medical, accident, and hospital coverage should anything catastrophic happen but we will NEVER let an insurance company control our health again. THIS is how medical care is supposed to be.


Dr. Romero is the most awesome doctor I have ever had. She has the best bedside manner and her attention to detail and knowledge is superb. I know that my health and well being are in good hands with Dr. Romero. I have never had a doctor that responds so quickly when I have a question or concern. I will NEVER leave her as long as she is practicing medicine. She is one in a million!!!!


If you’re on the fence about joining shine direct primary care - do it. I was torn on the decision for months and after finally doing it, no regrets what so ever. From the second I met Dr. Romero, I felt at ease, cared for, and immediately trusted her. She is ridiculously smart, witty, and clearly cares about her patients and loves what she does. The monthly membership plan includes unlimited office visits when needed, access to text messaging and video calls with Dr. Romero for minor issues or questions. Every visit I have scheduled has been same day or next day. Most regular doctor offices are booked weeks out. If you’re looking at a joining a direct primary care practice - look no further. You won’t regret the specialized and personalized care Dr. Romero provides.


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