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Family Medicine


Family medicine's cornerstone is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focusing on integrated care.

Dr. Romero specializes in the care of chronic conditions such as asthma, copd, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight management, thyroid disorders, anxiety/depression, among other medical conditions. 

Dr Romero believes that medical care should be done in a proactive way. That is why she focuses on lifestyle interventions to prevent and treat diseases. 

She also understands that medications, labs, and imaging can be a source of financial stress for patients. That's why she has special pricing for members of her practice. 


Need an abscess drained, a joint injection, a laceration repair? Dr. Romero understands that these urgencies don't wait. She can suture you up, drain that abscess out, or give you that steroid joint injection. It's all included in your membership.

Not sure if your abscess needs drainage? Use the telemedicine services included in the membership, at no extra cost*.  

*Procedures have a small extra fee due to material cost. 

Survivorship Medicine

Cancer is a life altering diagnosis. Dr. Romero's wants to help patients regain back their health after treatment is done. By using an integrative medicine approach, Dr. Romero will design a plan for you that focus on surveillance, treatment of chemotherapy side effects, and prevention of complications related to cancer treatment. 

Dr. Romero focus on preventive and wellness medicine provides patients with tools to decrease the risks associated with cancer, therefore, improving cancer patients and survivors overall health. 

Acute +

Urgent Care

Whether you are sick with a cold, you need to get well ASAP, because you have an important meeting, or you are going on vacation, we are here for you. Dr Romero offers same day or next day office appointments, in addition to exclusive access to her via telemedicine (video, text, or calls.)

Do you need a laceration repair a week after you saw Dr. Romero for a well visit? If so, don't worry, you won't be charged again for another office visit? Why?


All office visits and laceration repairs are included in the monthly membership fee!