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Family Medicine Membership


The foundation of family medicine is a continuous and personalized connection between the patient and physician, with an emphasis on comprehensive care. Dr. Romero specializes in managing long-term illnesses such as asthma, COPD, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight control, thyroid problems, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, among other health concerns.

Memberships include the following: 

+ Unlimited in-office and telemedicine visits

+ Text Dr. Romero or her assistant directly

+Wellness and Preventive Medicine

+Chronic Care Management

+ Urgent/Sick Care

+ Weight Management

+ Labs, medication, and imaging discounts

+ Most basic office procedures

(minor lacerations, small skin biopsies, skin tag removal, incision and drainage of abscess, etc.)

+ Discounts on the medical marijuana program 

+ Discounts on Special Services

Image by Omar Lopez
5-17 year old

$45/ month

Professional Woman Sitting
18 - 64 years old


Elder Couple
> 65 years old


All memberships require a one-time enrollment fee of $95.
All memberships require a one-time enrollment fee of $95.
All memberships require a one-time enrollment fee of $95.

Biological Hormone Therapy

Metabolic Weight Management

Medical Cannabis


Accessible, affordable, personal health care option for your employees

Dr. Romero believes in making her patients feel accepted and comfortable regardless of race, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation.

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