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"Dr. Romero is hands down one of the greatest doctors I have ever had and will continue to use. Easy on the pocket with affordable rates, but the quality of service is priceless. Dr. Romero in my opinion really cares about each patient and helps to pinpoint the true source of any issue. If you want someone who loves to do their job and is amazing at it, you need to go to SHINE direct primary care!"


"Absolutely love the hands-on care that I and my son received. There is nothing that compares to the access Dr. Romero provides to the most recent treatments and medical advances, but also to herself. She always responds quickly and willingly. She provides the personal care that each patient needs! I highly recommend her, without hesitation."


"Very knowledgeable. Plus I love that when you call you to speak to her direct. I highly recommended Dr. Romero."