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Virtual Visits for Fast medication refills

We want to SIMPLIFY YOUR HEALTHCARE!  If you travel frequently or work long hours, following up on your helathcare sometimes lands on the back burner.  We want you to be able to have access to your Primacy Care Physician and address your concerns before it puts you out of commission. 

With a ShineDPC membership you have access to schedule your appointments online through our Patient Hub. For those with Chronic Conditions, Recurring medications and patients in menopause and perimenopause you can avoid repeated copays and constantly reviewing outdated labs.  Reduce the frustration of not being able to make it to an appointment while juggling life.  

  • Dr. Google has you confused? Do you need to contact your doctor right away? 

  • Are you busy and find it hard to take the time to see your doctor?

  • Do you get sent to the urgent care every time you are sick?

  • Are you traveling and got sick? 

A Shine Direct Primary Care membership includes access to Dr. Romero via text, phone, and online visits.


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